Yorkshire vs. Lancashire Rugby League Duel: The Ultimate Showdown in 2024

Revisiting the Prospect of a Yorkshire vs. Lancashire Rugby League Showdown

As the rugby league world eagerly awaits the highly anticipated 2024 State of Origin series in Australia, the age-old debate surrounding a potential English version has resurfaced. The question of which county – Yorkshire or Lancashire – would emerge victorious in such a showpiece has long captivated the minds of passionate rugby league fans.

Assembling the Hypothetical Squads

Fortunately, if a Roses series were to be revived in this part of the world, there is no shortage of exceptional talent to choose from. While some of Super League’s best English players, such as Cumbrian-born Morgan Knowles, may be excluded, the rosters boast an array of the competition’s biggest names.

To determine which county holds the edge in 2024, we have assembled a 13-man lineup for each side, along with a head coach, to showcase the depth of the talent pool.



  • Jack Welsby (St Helens)
  • Tommy Makinson (St Helens)
  • Mark Percival (St Helens)
  • Kallum Watkins (Salford)
  • Liam Marshall (Wigan)
  • George Williams (Warrington)
  • Marc Sneyd (Salford)
  • Luke Thompson (Wigan)
  • Danny Walker (Warrington)
  • Oli Partington (Salford)
  • Sam Walters (Wigan)
  • Liam Farrell (Wigan)
  • Ben Currie (Warrington)
    Head Coach: Matt Peet (Wigan)

“While a Roses-themed State of Origin series in England is not a new concept, it has been over two decades since the last senior-level iteration.”

The revival of this age-old rivalry would undoubtedly captivate the rugby league community, as players synonymous with specific clubs don the jerseys of their county counterparts.

Whether or not a return to the Roses format will materialize remains to be seen, given the congested nature of the current calendar. However, the depth of talent showcased in the hypothetical teams assembled underscores the potential for an engaging and competitive showdown between these two rugby league powerhouses.

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