Halifax Panthers Release Greg Eden: Rugby League Update

Rugby League: Halifax Panthers Release Greg Eden

In a surprising move, the Halifax Panthers have confirmed the release of former Super League player Greg Eden from his contract, effective immediately. A statement on the Panthers’ website revealed the decision, citing Eden’s desire to play closer to home during this new phase of his part-time career.

The 33-year-old winger joined the Panthers in the off-season, having previously played for the full-time Castleford Tigers. However, it appears the player has expressed a wish to depart the club and pursue opportunities closer to his place of residence.

The Panthers have thanked Greg Eden for his contributions and have wished him well for the future, as the team now focuses on improving their league position for the remainder of the season.

This latest news comes amidst a challenging period for several rugby league clubs, as they navigate the complexities of the part-time era and the evolving needs of their players. Fans will be keen to see how the Panthers respond to this development and how it may impact their performance in the coming matches.

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