South Sydney Rabbitohs Shake-Up: Lewis Dodd Signing and Jason Demetriou Departure

South Sydney Rabbitohs Announce Coaching Changes and Signing of Lewis Dodd

South Sydney Rabbitohs, a prominent team in the rugby league world, have been making headlines over the past few days. Early this week, the club announced the signing of promising young half Lewis Dodd, who is set to join the team in 2025. However, this signing was quickly overshadowed by the news that the Rabbitohs have now parted ways with their head coach Jason Demetriou.

The reports of Dodd’s impending move to South Sydney initially raised some eyebrows, given that Demetriou’s position at the club was already on shaky ground. The Rabbitohs had lost six of their last seven matches in 2024, leaving the coach’s future in doubt.

Now, the Bunnies have confirmed Demetriou’s dismissal, with the club releasing a statement on their website. This development has led many journalists and pundits, including former St Helens legend James Graham, to suggest that Dodd’s signing was a clear indication that Demetriou’s time was up.

“Dodd’s signing was a clear indication that Demetriou’s time was up.”

  • James Graham, former St Helens legend

Speculation is rife as to who will take over the reins at South Sydney when Dodd arrives in 2025. For the remainder of the 2024 season, the club has appointed Ben Hornby as interim head coach. However, there are suggestions that the Rabbitohs may already have a long-term replacement in mind, with Dodd’s reported four-year deal hinting at a more substantial restructuring at the club.

Pundits such as Braith Anasta have noted that Dodd’s signing could be linked to the potential arrival of Wayne Bennett, given the former Rabbitohs coach’s strong ties to the English rugby league and his past association with Hornby. James Graham also highlighted the connection between Dodd and Kristian Woolf, the assistant coach at his current club, St Helens, suggesting that the incoming coach may have already spoken with Woolf about the young playmaker.

As the dust settles on Demetriou’s departure, the focus will now shift to the Rabbitohs’ search for a new long-term head coach who can guide the team, and their new signing Lewis Dodd, to success in the years to come.

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