London Broncos’ Super League Future: Challenges and Opportunities

Rugby League Experts Discuss the Importance of Maintaining a London Presence in Super League

As the 2023 Super League season unfolds, a prominent league executive has weighed in on the challenges facing the London Broncos and the need to ensure the sport’s continued development in the capital.

Concerns over the Broncos’ Relegation

Kris Radlinski, the CEO of the Wigan Warriors, expressed his concerns about the Broncos’ precarious position, acknowledging that their near-certain relegation “doesn’t send a great message.” Radlinski, speaking on The Eddie and Stevo Podcast, emphasized the importance of having a strategic plan to keep the London club engaged and competitive within Super League.

“It doesn’t send a great message that the London Broncos might be relegated.”

Challenges of Promotion and Rebuilding

The Broncos’ remarkable journey last year, when they earned promotion from the Championship with an unlikely playoff run, has led to a difficult 2023 campaign. Radlinski argued that the late surge to the top flight left the club unable to assemble a squad capable of consistently competing at the Super League level.

Radlinski’s Support and Desire for a London Presence

Despite the Broncos’ current struggles, Radlinski remains a staunch supporter of the team and its head coach, Mike Eccles. He expressed a desire to see the club remain “engaged and within touching distance or within Super League at some point,” recognizing the untapped potential of the London market.

The Importance of London for Rugby League

The recent Rugby League World Cup semi-final match between England and Samoa, held at The Emirates in London, drew a crowd of 43,119, underscoring the capital’s passion for the sport. Additionally, the Broncos’ most recent Super League home game against St Helens registered their highest attendance in 14 years at The Stoop.

Radlinski’s comments echo the sentiments of the Rugby League World Cup Committee, who have emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong presence in London, a crucial market for the sport’s growth and development. As the season progresses, the focus will undoubtedly remain on finding a sustainable solution to ensure the London Broncos’ continued participation in Super League.

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