Legendary Rugby League Pundit Stevo Sympathizes with London Broncos in Super League Struggles

Legendary Rugby League Pundit Stevo Feels for London Broncos’ Struggles in Super League

Rugby league fans throughout the Super League era have been captivated by the iconic voice and insightful commentary of legendary pundit Mike “Stevo” Stephenson. The former Great Britain World Cup winner, who was a legendary player in his own right, has now revealed on his podcast with fellow pundit Eddie Hemmings which Super League side he “feels sorry for” just seven rounds into the current season.

Speaking on the Eddie and Stevo Podcast, Stephenson expressed sympathy for the newly-promoted London Broncos, stating, “They just don’t have the top quality players you need in Super League, I feel sorry for The London Broncos.” He went on to explain, “Mentally they got no chance because even before a ball was kicked people say they will get relegated due to the demand of the IMG grading.”

The recent partnership between the Rugby Football League and marketing agency IMG has introduced significant changes to the structure of rugby league in the UK. As part of the 12-year deal, all professional clubs will be graded, with the top 12 sides forming the new Super League from 2025. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they have been ranked as the lowest-graded Grade B team, sitting 24th out of 35 clubs, meaning they are almost certain to be relegated to the Championship in the near future.

“Now that is not a positive culture to be playing Rugby league in,” he said, highlighting the challenges faced by teams outside the top echelon of the sport.

Stevo lamented the “negative culture” this creates for rugby league clubs like the Broncos, who face an uphill battle to remain competitive in the top flight. As the rugby league community eagerly awaits the implementation of the new IMG grading system, the plight of the London Broncos and Stevo’s sympathetic analysis underscore the complexities and high-stakes nature of the sport’s ongoing transformation. With the legendary pundit’s words carrying significant weight, his assessment of the Broncos’ struggles is sure to resonate with rugby league fans and enthusiasts across the “sky sports rugby league” and “bbc rugby league” landscape.

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