Former Super League Referees Return to Rugby League in RFL Shake-Up

Former Super League Referees Return to Rugby League in RFL Reshuffle

In a significant move for the Rugby Football League (RFL), former Super League referees James Child, Ian Smith, and Matt Thomason are set to return to the sport in a refereeing reshuffle, as confirmed by RFL Head of Match Officials Phil Bentham.

Bentham, who was appointed to the role last month after working in football since retiring from rugby league officiating, has outlined the trio’s new positions as Match Officials reviewers. In this capacity, they will be responsible for reviewing the performance of current officials across the sport on a weekly basis, with the aim of improving the overall standard of refereeing in rugby league.

“I am delighted that Andy has joined our department full-time, and that James, Ian and Matt are also back in the team,” Bentham said. “All four bring a wealth of experience, covering many match officials’ roles, and will provide invaluable feedback and coaching to our officials.”

The return of Child, Smith, and Thomason is just one of several changes Bentham has implemented since taking on the Head of Match Officials role. Another key appointment is the addition of experienced Andy Smith as a new full-time touch judge coach within the Match Officials Department.

The move to bring back these seasoned referees is seen as a positive step for the RFL, as the governing body looks to address the challenges faced in recent years regarding its officiating team. Both Child and Smith have been vocal about the issues they encountered during their careers, and their expertise is expected to provide valuable insights and guidance to the current crop of rugby league referees.

With these experienced officials now part of the RFL’s backroom team, rugby league fans and enthusiasts can be hopeful that the standard of refereeing across the sport will continue to improve, further enhancing the overall viewing experience for the “rugby league, rugby league referees, rugby league results.”

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