Chris Kendall: Rugby League Referee Milestone and Social Media Struggles

Rugby League Referee Chris Kendall Reaches 200-Game Milestone, Opens Up on Social Media Abuse

Rugby league is a sport where referees are often the targets of intense scrutiny and criticism, yet their role is undoubtedly essential to the game. One such referee is Chris Kendall, who recently reached a significant milestone in his career, officiating his 200th Super League match.

Kendall, only the 10th person to reach this impressive mark, has become one of the most experienced and most targeted referees in the Rugby League scene in the UK. Despite the challenges he faces, Kendall has remained steadfast in his commitment to the sport, taking charge of prestigious fixtures like the Challenge Cup final earlier this month, where he was generally praised for his performance.

Speaking on the State of Mind Sport podcast, Kendall opened up about the impact that social media abuse has had on his mental health. While he admits that the impact was greater in the earlier stages of his career, Kendall is determined to remain an active user of platforms like Twitter, refusing to be pushed off by “keyboard warriors.”

Kendall believes that social media, which he describes as a “cesspit,” should be used for healthy debates about the sport and its officiating decisions, rather than personal attacks. He acknowledges that there is a line that is often crossed, and he is not willing to bow to the pressure placed on him by those who hide behind their screens.

As one of the most experienced and respected referees in the Rugby League community, Kendall’s story serves as a testament to the challenges faced by officials in sports, and the importance of maintaining a strong sense of self-belief and resilience in the face of criticism.

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