Wests Tigers Seek Talent from Super League for Squad Shake-up

Rugby League Shake-up: Wests Tigers Look to Super League for Talent and Cost-Saving Measures

In a bid to revamp their squad, the Wests Tigers are reportedly offering several high-profile players, including England star John Bateman, to Super League clubs, according to recent reports.

Bateman, who is in his second season back in the NRL after returning from the UK, is said to be one of the players Wests Tigers CEO Shane Richardson will target during his upcoming visit to England. With Bateman earning a substantial $600,000 (over £300,000) per season, the Tigers are looking to offload his marquee-level contract to free up space in their 30-man squad and salary cap.

Alongside Bateman, half-back Jayden Sullivan and Brent Naden are also reportedly being shopped to Super League clubs as part of the Tigers’ wide-ranging overhaul. Richardson’s visit to the UK will not only involve discussions about potential player transfers, but also a scouting mission to identify talent in the Super League that Wests could look to recruit.

“With only one spot remaining in their 30-man roster for next season, the Tigers are keen to create more room in their squad and salary cap by offloading some of their higher-paid players to Super League clubs.”

However, it remains to be seen whether there will be any takers for the players on offer.

The news comes as the Wests Tigers look to rebuild and strengthen their squad after a disappointing season. The club’s management is clearly taking a proactive approach to shake up their roster and explore opportunities in the Super League as part of their strategy for the future.

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