Super League Clubs Revolt Against IMG’s Governance – Rugby League Unrest

Rugby League Clubs Revolt Against IMG’s Handling of the Sport

The 2024 season was touted as a fresh start for Super League, as the competition sought to revive its presence in the UK. However, recent developments suggest growing discontent among the clubs regarding the governance of the sport.

According to former Sky Sports pundit Mike Stephenson, several Super League clubs are planning a revolt against IMG, the company responsible for the partnership overseeing the game’s restructuring. Stephenson revealed on the “Eddie and Stevo” podcast that clubs are unhappy with the way IMG is handling the sport’s future.

“Now, I know that this week the clubs are getting together because there’s a little bit of rumours suggesting they’re not happy with the way that the future is being structured by IMG,” Stephenson said. “I want to know what the future is going to be like. I want to know what are they doing now? I mean there’s rumours about that whoever’s in charge of the rugby league section at IMG is also head of two more different sports.”

The concerns stem from the belief that the director in charge of the Rugby League relationship at IMG is also committed to overseeing other sports, potentially limiting the attention given to the game. Stephenson expressed that the sport deserves someone who can dedicate themselves fully to its development.

The comments come as the 2025 season is set to usher in a significant restructuring of the game, with the reforms passed by a club vote of 32-7. The changes will see clubs assessed on criteria beyond on-field performance, a move that has drawn criticism from some lower-league teams, such as the Keighley Cougars.

As the sport looks to regain its prominence, the growing discontent among Super League clubs over IMG’s handling of the game’s affairs could potentially lead to a challenging period for Rugby League in the UK.

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