Sky Sports Pundit Hails Salford Red Devils as Serious Contenders in Super League 2024

Sky Sports Pundit Praises Salford Red Devils as ‘Legitimate Challengers’ in Super League

Sky Sports pundit Jon Wells believes Salford Red Devils are now “legitimate challengers” to the elite clubs in Super League. Wells has lauded the progress made by the Red Devils under head coach Paul Rowley, stating that Salford are being unjustly overlooked despite their consistent performances at the top of the table.

Once labeled as “disruptors” and an unexpected package, Wells now believes it is time to pay proper respect to Salford’s achievements. “For years now we have characterized every seasonal iteration of the Red Devils as made up of those players other teams had passed on,” he told Love Rugby League. “This is partly true due to their financial constraints; they cannot buy big and buy early because they cannot compete on salaries with the wealthier clubs.”

However, Wells argues that Salford have turned this perceived weakness into a strength, with a tightly-knit squad that is well-coached and adept at finding the right players to fit their system. The pundit also believes the media has done Salford a “disservice” by overlooking their progress, stating that he is now “tempted to push a little further” in his assessment of their title chances this season.

“I would call them legitimate challengers in 2024 to the established elite,” Wells said. “Now, a lot can happen in the remaining half of the season, and clearly an injury to a player like Marc Sneyd would be disastrous for them, but I admire and respect what they are doing at the moment.”

In contrast, Wells has expressed doubts about the fortunes of another Super League heavyweight, the Catalans Dragons. The pundit believes the French club’s poor away form and inconsistent attack may prevent them from reaching the semi-finals in 2024.

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