Salford Red Devils Victory and Ryan Brierley’s Success Story in Super League

Salford Red Devils Vice-Captain Ryan Brierley Savors Meaningful Victory

Salford Red Devils vice-captain Ryan Brierley, a lifelong fan of the club, found yesterday’s Super League victory over Warrington particularly meaningful. Preston-born Brierley secured a move to Salford in 2022 and has since become a crucial part of their squad, featuring in eight games this season and scoring five tries.

Salford’s continued defiance of expectations this campaign, with the club currently sitting sixth in the table, is credited by Brierley to the influence of their highly sought-after head coach, Paul Rowley. Speaking after the win over Warrington, Brierley emphasized Rowley’s impact, describing the coaching staff as “the best signings this club will ever make going forward.”

Brierley and his teammates were relieved when Rowley decided to remain at Salford, rather than accepting an offer from Hull FC. > “Me and the boys were hoping he didn’t go because we see the stuff that was happening externally, and we were just hoping that he didn’t,” Brierley revealed.

As a lifelong Salford supporter, Brierley has witnessed the team’s struggles in previous years, making their current performances all the more special. > “The fact that we turn up now expecting to win, internally, is pretty special, and I’ve never really seen that from a Salford team,” he said.

Brierley acknowledged that Rowley’s success would naturally attract interest from other clubs, but expressed his hope that the coach would remain at Salford for many more years to come. > “I think, ultimately, he’s his own man isn’t he?” Brierley noted. “I think for what he’s done for this club he’s going to get attention so [a] big club would be stupid not to approach him.”

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