Salford Red Devils Secure Esan Marsters from Huddersfield Giants

Salford Red Devils Secure Two-Year Deal for Esan Marsters from Huddersfield Giants

Salford, XXXX – In a significant move, the Salford Red Devils have announced the signing of Esan Marsters from their Super League rivals, the Huddersfield Giants. The versatile centre will join the club on a two-year deal, bolstering Paul Rowley’s squad for the upcoming 2025 Betfred Super League season.

“We are delighted to announce the signing of Esan Marsters from Huddersfield Giants.”

  • Salford Red Devils’ official statement

The announcement confirms that Marsters will remain with the club until the end of the 2027 season, ensuring a long-term commitment to the Red Devils.

The addition of Esan Marsters is an exciting prospect for Salford Red Devils fans, as the player is known for his versatility and dynamic performance on the field. Supporters will be eager to see how the new signing will integrate into the team’s strategies and contribute to their success in the upcoming Super League campaign.

As the rugby league season continues to unfold, this transfer news is sure to generate considerable interest and discussion among fans and analysts alike. The Salford Red Devils have made a bold move in securing the services of Esan Marsters, and the club’s supporters will be hopeful that this acquisition will translate into on-field success in the years to come.

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