Rugby League’s Vegas Showdown: Barry Hearn Calls it a ‘Breakthrough Moment’

Rugby League’s Highly Anticipated Vegas Trip: A ‘Breakthrough Moment’, Says Promoter Barry Hearn

Legendary sports promoter Barry Hearn has hailed the upcoming Super League clash between Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors in Las Vegas as a ‘breakthrough moment’ for rugby league. The match, set to take place on March 1, 2025 at Allegiant Stadium, is part of a thrilling four-game event that will also feature a double-header of NRL fixtures and an international women’s game between England and Australia.

Hearn, whose family has previously expressed interest in supporting rugby league, believes this Vegas trip could provide the much-needed tonic for the sport. In a video message, he stated,

“A breakthrough moment for rugby league. My best wishes go to both teams but in particular, of course, Warrington Wolves. Go and enjoy yourselves, it’s party time in Vegas.”

The Hearn family has long been associated with reviving the fortunes of various sports, including snooker and darts. While past attempts to get involved with rugby league have not materialized, this latest development appears to have piqued their interest once again.

Widespread Support for the Vegas Trip

The announcement of the Vegas trip has garnered widespread support from high-profile figures, including Wire fan and Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who enthusiastically exclaimed,

“Who would have thought Warrington Wolves versus Wigan Warriors, not just an ordinary game, live in Las Vegas. Come on the Wire, Viva Las Vegas!”

Even legendary singer Rick Astley shared his excitement, saying,

“Can you believe it. Warrington Wolves versus Wigan Warriors in Las Vegas – come on! It’s happening in 2025, in March, I said it: in Las Vegas. Come on the Wire, let’s have it.”

The rugby league community is eagerly anticipating this historic event, which promises to showcase the sport on a global stage and potentially attract new fans. As the sport continues to seek ways to grow its popularity, this Vegas trip may indeed prove to be a ‘breakthrough moment’ for rugby league.

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