Rugby League Evolution: Five Clubs Eyeing Super League Entry by 2025

Rugby League’s Evolving Landscape: Five Clubs Poised to Join Super League by 2025

The future of rugby league is set to undergo a significant transformation, as the new IMG criteria, slated for 2025, will reshape the landscape of the Super League competition. With promotion and relegation no longer determined solely by on-field performance, a number of clubs outside the current Super League setup could be introduced to the top tier in the coming years.

Toulouse Olympique: A Near-Certain Super League Regular

Among the potential newcomers, Toulouse Olympique stand out as near-certain Super League regulars by 2025. The French club’s strong showing in the 2022 season, coupled with their high IMG rankings, suggest they are well-positioned to follow in the footsteps of their neighbors, the Catalans Dragons.

London Broncos: Determined to Secure Their Place

Another intriguing prospect is the London Broncos, who returned to Super League in 2024. Despite their current low IMG ranking, the club is determined to submit a proposal to secure their place in the top flight by 2025, recognizing the importance of a thriving London-based team to the game’s overall growth.

Newcastle Thunder: A Golden Opportunity for Expansion

Further north, Newcastle Thunder have long been identified as a golden opportunity for rugby league’s expansion. Although the club has faced its fair share of challenges, the city’s potential as a destination for traveling fans and the large target market make them a compelling candidate for future Super League inclusion.

York Knights RLFC: Advantageous Geographical Location

York Knights RLFC, with their high-quality stadium and advantageous geographical location, are also garnering attention as a potential Super League addition. The club’s current IMG ranking suggests they are well within reach of the top tier, provided they can address their low average attendance and on-field performance.

Bradford Bulls: Reclaiming Their Rightful Place

Lastly, the legendary Bradford Bulls, once a dominant force in Super League, are aiming to reclaim their rightful place in the top flight. Despite their financial struggles in the past, the club’s large and passionate fan base, combined with their historic rivalry with the likes of Leeds Rhinos, make them a valuable asset to the competition.

As the rugby league landscape evolves, these five clubs, with their diverse strengths and ambitions, are poised to shape the future of the Super League, offering new opportunities for growth and excitement for fans across the sport.

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