Paul Gallen Opposes NRL Super League Buyout Proposal

Rugby League Veteran Gallen Dismisses NRL’s Super League Buyout Proposal

In a recent discussion on Channel Nine, former NRL tough man Paul Gallen expressed his firm opposition to the NRL buying out the Super League, the top professional rugby league competition in Europe. Gallen, who spent his entire playing career with the Cronulla Sharks, argued that the NRL should instead focus on reinvesting in grassroots and country rugby league.

Gallen’s comments came in response to suggestions by Canterbury Bulldogs Director of Football Gus Gould that the NRL should consider acquiring the Super League. Gould believes that several Super League owners are open to such an investment, as the English competition has faced financial challenges in recent years, with two professional teams folding.

However, Gallen remained steadfast in his stance, stating, “I think the best players from the UK are going to make their way to Australia anyway. I think we should be shoring up our own shores here.” The former Cronulla captain emphasized that the money should be used to improve the state of junior and country rugby league, with poor playing conditions and limited opportunities for young talent.

“We should be putting some money back into grassroots footy. We had two years of Covid and this year Junior League in my area have played about four or five games. The grounds are terrible, put some money into grassroots footy and build some grounds with drainage so that kids can play,” Gallen argued.

Despite Gould’s rationale for investing in the Super League, Gallen remained unconvinced, stating, “What’s the point? It doesn’t help the NRL and logistically it’s a nightmare with the time difference. I just can’t see how it can work, or how the Super League can be beneficial for the NRL.

Gould also proposed that the NRL become the sole governing body for international rugby league, a move that could potentially help address the worrying state of the international game. However, Gallen’s focus remains firmly on strengthening the domestic rugby league landscape in Australia.

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