Matt Dufty Shines in 2024 Super League Season with Warrington Wolves

Warrington Wolves’ Matt Dufty Shines as One of Super League’s Top Performers in 2024

Warrington Wolves full-back Matt Dufty has been a standout player in the 2024 Super League season, with the statistics to prove it. The Australian speedster has been leading the way in several key statistical categories, including metres made, carries, and clean breaks. He also ranks among the top 10 players for tries, assists, and tackle busts.

Dufty’s impressive start to the year marks a turnaround from the somewhat inconsistent 18 months he experienced prior. The 24-year-old attributes his resurgence to a few key factors, including a renewed focus on playing for the team rather than individual accolades.

“I’m probably not doing as many flashy things as I have over the last few seasons, but Sammy (Burgess) has got all the confidence in the world in me and he is someone I really want to play for,” Dufty told Love Rugby League. “We sat down and we went through ways I could best help the team, whether that’s a play-four carry to get a quick play-the-ball for the kickers or just getting involved more. The more I carry the ball, the more involved I am in the game.”

Dufty’s comments highlight the positive impact of Warrington Wolves head coach Sam Burgess and assistant Martin Gleeson, both of whom have played a crucial role in the player’s resurgence. Burgess’ ability to strike a balance between player empathy and coaching acumen has resonated with Dufty, who appreciates the environment Burgess has created.

“He’s got a really good balance between getting what it’s like as a player and what the boys need, and being a coach and being serious,” Dufty said. “I think he gets that balance. As long as we’re doing the work, he’s happy to coach us how he has been doing.”

Gleeson’s influence has also been pivotal, with Dufty crediting the assistant coach for helping him rediscover his best form.

“When Glees came at the end of last year to help us, I think you saw I started to play good footy again,” Dufty said. “He really just knows how to get the best out of me.”

As a Wollongong native, Dufty has also embraced the challenge of playing in England, signing a contract extension with Warrington Wolves through 2026. The move has proven to be a positive one, with the full-back enjoying his time both on and off the field.

“Sam and Warrington make it really easy to be over here, they really make you feel part of the club and part of the family – not just me but my partner as well,” Dufty explained.

With Dufty’s sizzling form, Warrington Wolves will be hoping to maintain their strong start to the 2024 Super League season and potentially challenge for silverware.

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