Liam Marshall’s Exceptional Try Amazes Rugby League Community

Liam Marshall Pulls Off Another Extraordinary Try for Wigan Warriors

When even Bevan French, one of the game’s most talented players, is left in awe, you know Liam Marshall has just produced something truly special. The Wigan Warriors winger’s latest try-scoring exploits have left the rugby league community stunned, as he continues to raise the bar for what’s possible on the pitch.

Marshall’s ability to pull off the ridiculous has become almost routine these days, with teammates and fans alike shrugging their shoulders in a mix of disbelief and acceptance. But his latest masterpiece, executed under intense pressure, was on another level entirely.

The try, which is worthy of frame-by-frame analysis, saw Marshall with nowhere to go before launching himself airborne, his body contorted almost upside down, and somehow managing to ground the ball with relative ease despite being out of the field of play. It’s the kind of finish that leaves you needing to rewatch it multiple times to fully appreciate the technical brilliance on display.

In a league filled with elite wingers, Marshall continues to cement his status as one of the very best. His try-scoring exploits over the past few seasons have been nothing short of astonishing, with 26 tries in 26 games in 2022 and 24 in 29 last year. And he’s leading the way once again in 2023.

Yet, despite his consistently outstanding performances, the 28-year-old is still awaiting his first England call-up – a remarkable oversight given his consistently world-class displays for Wigan. If IMG, the new commercial partners of the Super League, are serious about growing the game’s appeal, they need look no further than Marshall’s latest piece of magic to showcase the sport’s skill and excitement.

As the race for the Super League’s try of the season award heats up, this breathtaking effort from Liam Marshall has surely sealed the deal. He may not possess the flashy persona of a traditional superstar, but the Wigan flyer is undoubtedly one of the elite talents in the competition, a human highlight reel who continues to redefine the limits of what’s possible in rugby league.

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