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Rugby League Pundit Cites ‘Unintended Consequence’ of IMG Grading System in Hull FC Struggles

In an exclusive interview with Love Rugby League, Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin has suggested that Hull FC’s woes this season are an “unintended consequence” of the IMG grading system currently implemented in the sport.

Wilkin, speaking in the aftermath of the sacking of head coach Tony Smith, believes that the IMG criteria, which prioritizes off-field growth over on-field talent, has contributed to Hull FC’s struggles. With just one win all season, the Black and Whites are expected to move quickly in their search for a replacement for Smith.

According to Wilkin, the IMG grading system has led to clubs like Hull FC being able to “just take stock financially and not invest on the field as maybe they should.” He points to the club’s decision to let their best player, Adam Swift, join Huddersfield as an example of this approach.

The former St Helens star believes that Hull FC have “lost their way” and suggests the club should consider entrusting a young, ambitious coach with their first opportunity as a head coach. Wilkin argues that this could be a path to “develop young talent” and help the club’s ambition get “elevated.”

As the search for Smith’s successor begins, Wilkin expects an “absolute deluge” of applicants, given the scarcity of head coaching roles in the sport. However, he urges the club’s fans to “keep faith” in the team’s history and heritage, despite the current challenges.

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