Castleford Tigers Make History with Victory Over St Helens

Castleford Tigers Achieve Landmark Victory Against St Helens

In what was arguably the story of the Super League season so far, Castleford Tigers recorded an impressive victory against reigning champions St Helens on Friday night. This triumph was particularly significant for the Tigers, who have endured a long and frustrating history when it comes to playing at the Totally Wicked Stadium.

As any ardent Tigers fan would attest, Castleford have had to wait until 2021 to secure their first-ever league victory at the Saints’ home ground. In fact, Friday’s 8-6 win was only the second time in 33 years that the Tigers have prevailed at a venue that has provided its fair share of frustration over the years.

A closer look at Castleford’s record at the Totally Wicked Stadium underscores the sheer bizarreness of their results. The Tigers have experienced comprehensive defeats, as well as the occasional win, in their 16 league fixtures at the ground. Remarkably, they have been “nilled” (held scoreless) on almost a third of these occasions, with the first instance coming all the way back in 2014.

The more recent history has been particularly unkind to Castleford, as they were beaten without scoring a single point in three successive visits to St Helens between 2018 and 2020. Given this backdrop, it was understandable for Tigers fans to ponder whether another unwelcome addition to this unwanted record was on the cards. However, Craig Lingard’s side delivered a victory for the ages, overcoming an early deficit to secure a dramatic and fully-deserved triumph.

“The scenes of celebration at the final whistle on Friday evening underlined just how much this victory meant to the Tigers faithful. Lingard and his players’ emotional reactions showcased the immense pride and satisfaction in finally registering only their second Super League win against the Saints at the Totally Wicked Stadium.”

Castleford’s struggles at the Totally Wicked Stadium have not been limited to narrow defeats; they have often been on the receiving end of heavy beatings as well. Hammerings of 44-12, 48-18, 40-16, and 46-6 in various seasons have highlighted the hardship endured by the Tigers’ supporters at this particular venue, both in the Super League era and even before.

This triumph will undoubtedly live long in the memory of Castleford supporters, who have had to endure countless disappointments at this ground over the years. The dramatic nature of the victory, coupled with the team’s historic struggle at this venue, has cemented this result as a true story of the Super League season so far.

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